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Publication Resources

No. Paper Title Journal*/Conference Year Location PDF  PPT Software Codes
9 Continuous Line Drawings and Designs IJCICG* 2014        
8 Structure and Aesthetics in Non-photorealistic Images GI 2013 Regina, Canada    
7 Continuous Line Drawings on Dendrites  ARTECH 2012 Algarve, Portugal    
6 Emotional Response and Visual Attention to Non-Photorealistic Images CAG* 2012        
5 Evaluation of Emotional Response to Non-Photorealistic Images NPAR 2011 Vancouver, Canada      
4 Artistic Tessellations by Growing Curves  NPAR 2011 Vancouver, Canada    
3 Structure-Preserving Stippling  GI 2011 St. John's, Canada    
2 Content-sensitive Screening GRAPP 2011 Vilamoura, Portugal    
1 Contrast-aware Halftoning Eurographics* 2010 Norrköping, Sweden    

Poster Resources

No Name Conference Year PDF
1 Artistic Tessellations by Growing Curves Computer Graphics International 2011

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