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Non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) algorithms are used to produce stylized images, and have been evaluated on the aesthetic qualities of the resulting images. NPR-produced images have been used for aesthetic and practical reasons in media intended to produce an emotional reaction in a consumer (e.g., computer games, films,...

In this paper we propose to tessellate a region by growing curves. We use a particle system, which flexibly provides good control over the final effects by variations of the initial placement, the placement order, curve direction, and curve properties. We also propose an automatic image-based mosaic method which has good texture indication, using a smoothed vector field to guide particle movement. The final irregular tessellation simulates...


This paper proposes two variants of a simple but efficient algorithm for structure-preserving halftoning. Our algorithm extends Floyd-Steinberg error diffusion; the goal of our extension is not only to produce good tone similarity but also to preserve structure and especially contrast, motivated by our intuition that human perception is sensitive to contrast. By enhancing contrast we attempt to preserve and enhance structure also.
Our basic algorithm employs an adaptive, contrast-aware mask. To enhance contrast, darker pixels should be more likely to be chosen as black pixels while...


Hua Li 
Advised by Professor Yanjong Zhong at University of Science and Technology Beijing in 2000

(Award: VR-II Car Driving Simulation System is awarded by the Sixth Challenge Cup of Academic Science and Technology Works in China.)yes
Virtual Reality (VR) is an active research field, which includes a lot of high technologies such as computer graphics, multimedia technologies,...

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